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From C-Suite to "boiler room".

Need project-saving triage in an IT department? Need organizational and digital transformation to build a competitive edge? In industries ranging from financial, health care and retail, Brent Arias has the battle-hardened experience to "turn the ship". As a hands-on Chief Architect consultant, he maps out the technology and process while engaging with key stakeholders and technical leads throughout implementation.

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Cloud Migration

Data center analysis and sizing, cost projections, tech selection (e.g. serverless, SaaS, PaaS) and implementation. BC/DR design and IaC.

Scaling and Perf

Elastic computation design, performance testing, maintainable and expandable coding practices.

App Modernization

Code refactoring for containerization or PaaS. DB migration to cloud native storage. Microservice design and implementation.

Data Engineering

EAI, ODS and data lake design and build-out. Telemetry and mass-scale, event-driven processing.

Security & Compliance

Security-by-design and privacy-by-design. IAM design and configuration. SIEM/SOAR instrumentation. Encryption in transit and at rest.

Digital Transformation

Operations and business strategy re-invention. Organizational alignment and education. Technology selection and roll-out.

CI/CD & Automation

Performance and test automation. Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Pipeline as code. Ephemeral test environments.


Textual, temporal and numismatic guidance, tool selection and implementation.

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